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District Interpretive Plan Sample 	 	 David Thompson Corridor District

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Background Papers


Part 1

Background and Tools

Part 2

The David Thompson Corridor

Part 3

Crimson Lake Provincial Park

Part 4

Kootenay Plains Ecological Reserve

Part 5

Other Key Properties


Part 2: The David Thompson Corridor

This section covers information and programming guidelines that are applicable to all Alberta Parks sites in the district. It includes:

Chapter 8: District-wide Visitor Analysis

This chapter briefly reviews what is known about the people who visit the district and includes numerous recommendations for ongoing visitor monitoring.This information was used throughout the planning process and should be reviewed and updated by staff annually.

Chapter 9: Market Analysis

This chapter identifies and analyses the major markets for visitation to the David Thompson Corridor including the school market. It also reviews current tourism segmentation research and includes numerous recommendations for engaging these key current and potential visitor groups. This information was used throughout the planning process to maintain focus on target participants .

Chapter 10: District Visitor Services Vision, Mission And Goals

These are clear guidelines identifying the intended outcomes of the district’s overall interpretation and education program. They provided the framework for the entire planning process. The must be used by park staff to ensure that future programming is fits the overall intent of interpretation and education programming in the district.

Chapter 11: Visitor Services Program Implementation across the David Thompson Corridor

This chapter outlines standard procedures such as program planning and evaluation that will be carries out at all sites in this plan. It also identifies key locations on public lands outside of Alberta Parks Properties that have high potential as interpretation sites and makes recommendations for how these sites can be highlighted.






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