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District Interpretive Plan Sample 	 	 Fish Creek District

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General Table of Contents

Executive Summary and Introduction

Part 1

Fish Creek District

Part 2

Fish Creek Provincial Park

Part 3 Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park

Part 4 w Other Properties



Part 2: Fish Creek Provincial Park

This section includes the major components of this park’s interpretive plan.

Chapter FC4: Features Analysis

This chapter briefly describes and illustrates the major natural and cultural features identified in the Features Inventories (Appendix 1 and 2). Using clearly defined criteria analyses, we assessed each feature’s value for inclusion in interpretation and education programming. Numerous recommendations for moving forward are included.

Chapter FC5: Summary of Programs 2007-2008

This chapter reviews and assesses the site’s interpretation and education programs over the past two years. It identifies strengths and weaknesses and includes recommendations for inclusion of specific programs into the future.

Chapter FC 6: Alliance and Partnership Options

This chapter identifies best practice procedures for developing and maintaining partnerships and collaborations. As well, major potential and existing partner groups and agencies are identified, described and assessed using a set of clear criteria. Numerous recommendations for moving forward are included.

Chapter FC7: Curriculum Review and Analysis

This chapter identifies grade specific science and social studies curricula and uses a set oc clear criteria to assess and rank those that best fit with the mandate of Fish Creek Provincial Park and the Alberta Parks.

Chapter FC8: Goals, Objectives, Themes and Subthemes

This chapter outlines the intended outcomes of the park’s interpretation and education offerings (goals an objectives) articulates the main ideas and lines of inquiry that will guide the development of all new programming (Themes and subthemes).

Chapter FC9: Strategy

This chapter articulates the methods and approaches that will be used to achieve the park’s interpretive goals and objectives.

Chapter FC10: Core Competencies

This chapter describes in detail the ten areas of knowledge skills and attitudes (core competencies) that are required by staff to plan, develop, deliver, evaluate and support effective, engaging interpretation and education programming at this park. For each area of competency this chapter outlines expected outcomes (outputs), information skills, and infrastructure necessary to perform key tasks (critical success factors) and ways to access the success of each (key performance indicators).

Chapter FC11: Implementation Plan

This chapter features a set of procedures and processes to implements the plans many recommendations over the next five to ten years.






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