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District Interpretive Plans

David Thompson Corridor District Visitor Services Plan

“Thank you Will. Great to have this completed, thanks for the hard work, the plan will be put to very good use this year and beyond.”

Jeanette Brooks, Visitor Services Team Leader East and West Central Management Areas, Alberta Parks.

Rouge Park Heritage Appreciation and Visitor Experience (HAVE) Plan

“We love the HAVE Plan. We have been implementing many of your recommendations such as setting up a Stewardship Coordinator position to recruit and train volunteers and initiate projects. I take a copy of your plan with me everywhere and use it to help justify budget and new initiatives.”

Michelle Holmes, Manager Visitor Experience, Rouge Park.

Visitor Services Plan for the Beaver Hills District“

"I have a copy (of the plan) on my desk. We use it all the time”

Carol Thew Communications Officer, Elk Island National Park. This National Park is located in the Beaver Hills. Parks Canada staff liked this Alberta Parks document and used it (with permission) as a resource for developing and delivering their Visitor experience and outreach programs.


Fish Creek District Visitor Services Plan

Great work on this latest chapter with some useful examples from elsewhere (Australia/US) and some information gaps that ought to be addressed going forward with the Management Plan Process“

“Great Work once again. Very thoughtful and comprehensive.”

“Will you did a tremendous job on this and I am very proud of this work.”

Carey Booth, Head of Visitor Services and Education, Fish Creek Provincial Park, Alberta Tourism, Parks, & Recreation

“As I've been helping to develop programs & research projects for Glenbow Ranch and for Fish Creek, I have been using the VS Plans quite a lot, and would love to have a chance to chat with you about some of the very cool projects that we've got bustling along here… your ideas about a a visitor use survey would be of great interest ”

Jennell Rempel, District Visitor Services Coordinator, Fish Creek Provincial Park

“Reading your report (the district interpretive plan) has greatly helped as it gives great background and ideas on pathway design. We will be implementing many of your recommendations over the next five years.”

Wayne Meikle, Park Planner, Fish Creek District, Alberta Parks, now president of DWM Consultants, based in Calgary.






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